Undertale OC Wiki

The Puppet Master is an enigmatic storyteller with unknown origins that travels through each of the regions of the Underground to tell stories with his puppets. He seems nice on the surface, however, some monsters believe that his true intentions are sinister, malicious even. Nobody currently alive knows his true identity.



The Puppet Master has a fog-like gaseous body, that's near invisible for those not specifically looking for it. To be able to be properly seen, he covers it up witg a cloak and a mask that somewhat resemble those of the Moon Jumper. He has 2 gloves that indicate where his hands are, and is always seen carrying at least one puppet in his hand.


The Puppet Master often speaks in cryptic ways, and when not performing, is often seen giggling seemingly out of nowhere. When asked about himself, he quickly attempts t steer the conversation into another direction. He treats his puppets as if they were his own children, and always takes them with him.


He can manipulate wind and fog and is able to fly/float. His speaking is able to put others in a deep trance when performed a certain way.