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The Showmaster is an Out!Code version of Mettaton who serves a group of beings of unknown origin that exist in a higher plane of existance. He is devoted to entertaining them, and corrupts AUs to do so. Rather than the complete AUs however, he prefers to target individual timelines. He typically does so by using his mind altering powers on fallen humans to turn them genocidical, however, sometimes he uses other means to do so. The most common of these is him turning the Underground into something comparable to The Hunger Games, where he causes all monsters to strife to become the last monster alive. The reason he renamed himself to The Showmaster is unknown.

He resides in an Anti-Void named (name to be decided), which he has remodeled to his own liking, having turned it into a city completely themed around him. He has inhabited this city with inhabitants from other timelines he mind controlled to have their undying love and admiration for him be all that they consist of.


The Showmaster's world was one where there was no war between humans and monsters. Instead, both humans and monsters were destroying themselves over a powerful artifact, a pencil that could fulfill any desires that fall within its limits by simply writing it down, and any wars were fought over this pencil every time it showed up. Back when he still resided in this AU, he was a fanatic hunter of the artifact, wishing to rule the world like so many else. However, as he brutally murdered Undyne, who was the owner of the artifact at the time, her friend who later would go by the name Ink Alphys used the artifact given to her by her dying friend to cast him away far into the multiverse. This warped his mind, turning him from merely power-hungry to sadistic and cruel. After drifting around in the emptiness for months, he was found by the beings who endorsed him as their entertainer and gave him his powers to do so, and later created the Anti-Void he currently resides in as a reward.



His upper body resembles that of classic Mettaton EX, but he lacks legs, and instead his soul container produces magical energy that allows him to move. His hands float near him rather than being attached via arms, in a similair fashion to multiple Kirby characters -most notably Magolor- and Dimentio from Super Paper Mario. While his body itself is that of the EX form, the same magical energy creats wings similair to those of the NEO form. His face is covered by a theatre mask at all times, and is often seen with a top hat.


The Showmaster's primary goal is entertaining his masters, and he does not care about the well-being of everyone else at all, laughing at the suffering of his victims. However, he still desires to be famous, even if it requires mind control to get this fame. He also believes the show must go on no matter what, and tries to do everything to prevent anoyne from intervering. He is quite short-tempered.


He has the ability to mind control others, however, is unable to do so with other Out!Codes, and can disappear in a cloud of pink smoke in an instant. Besides this, he retains multiple of Classic Mettaton's abilities, with the exception of the ones based on his legs. He can fly due to the magical energy replacing his legs and creating wings. He also cannot transform into multiple forms. He can show any place he has been in as long as it's less than two kilometers away from him at any place he has been in the Multiverse.


Ink Alphys

Main article: Ink Alphys

He deeply hated her at first, but ever since he was endorsed by the unknown beings his outlook on her changed. Now he desires to use her as a pawn in his greatest show yet.