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Winthrop, better known as The filekeeper, is a recurring character created by SurvivalOTI. He is employed by a organization known as the codekeeper federation. His job within the codekeeper federation is to keep watch over and guard the files. He has a key that allows him to access the fileroom through any locked door. (The fileroom is a small pocket dimension of sorts that contains pieces of paper in envelopes, that in turn, contain, and can control bits of the code.)


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The filekeeper is a 5'10 caucasian man with deep red eyes, and solid black, short hair. He wears black clothes and wears the key that gives him access to the fileroom around his neck.(That's really all there is to him...)


He is always eager to get his job done. He always follows a strict set of rules, and is stressed out because of it. He always tries to remain rational, and usually succeeds. Though he likes his job, he does not take it very seriously, as nobody rarely attacks the fileroom so he often spends his time reading files, this has made him very smart when it comes to the multiverse. He is also pretty apathetic.


Weaponized DT: The have had a lot of DT infused with their soul, allowing them to us DT as a weapon in various ways.

Advanced training: He has advanced military training.

Access to the fileroom: He can access the file room.

Super-human resistance: He is much more resilient than normal humans.

Super-human strength: He is much stronger than normal humans.