Timework plays an inventor role in SplatTale. Her sister is Clockwork and her Cousin is Yumi.


Timework has light yellow hair and her eyes are brown. She wears black and orange glasses and she wears a hero jacket.




Timework is a bit calmer than Clockwork, she loves inventing and she works with her sister Clockwork. She uses a Short Circuit in her battles just like how Clockwork uses a Gunslinger.


Tape Recorder

During the Genocide Route, if Clockwork is killed first then there will be a tape recorder at Clock and Time's Inventing Lab.

"Log Date 12/1/20-"

"I got the recent news... Clock is dust now... I've been working on an invention to take down her killer. I just need to hide with my tools and shut down the Lab."


  • The Short Ciruit is a weapon from TF2.
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