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Toriel the Survivor Seeker is an Out!Code Toriel that lives in a version of Storyswap. After an attack on her AU, she ended up being the only survivor. She managed to figure out a way to travel the multiverse, now wandering it to look for other AUs that were attacked like hers. In these AUs, she looks for other survivors, to invite them to her own world she wishes to repopulate.


Toriel used to be the Royal Scientist in a fairly average Storyswap timeline, but everything changed when one night, some entity started to kill off every single monster in the Underground. She was the only one who managed to hide, and as she emerged, she was all alone in the Underground. The loneliness quickly got to her, and she desperately searched for a way to leave. That's when she found the multiverse.



Toriel wears a labcoat under a royal cloak she started wearing when she started to become a queen to the new inhabitants of her world.


Toriel is very caring and protective, somewhat acting like a mother figure to the people she brings in. She is rather intelligent.


She can do the same things as classic Toriel.