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Toxino Sans is a Sans created by SkulOwO. Because of an experiment involving chemicals and magic...a problem arose that requires him to constantly wear a mask and a suit, so as not to infect monsters and Humans, and not to attack the souls of monsters or Humans, he met Ink!Sans who had come to explore AU and they became friends...sometimes ink asks Toxino for help...he is nicknamed "Toxin Protector".


Toxino!Sans was a normal Sans..his father worked for Asgore in the royal guard being a scientist, he often went with his father to work with him..he stinks thanks to his intelligence and his father who taught him how to work to become a scientist in his turn, one day during an experiment..which was the manipulation of chemical products and magic, unfortunately something happened that changed Toxino's life! Without, he did not stop because of this failed experiment that infected him with toxic vapor of highly dangerous chemical vapor that automatically attacks the souls of all monster or human, so he creates a mask and a jacket that he owns on his face not to produce chemical vapor and infected all the underground or his friends not to hurt them, Because of the overuse of chemicals that are highly dangerous for the failed experiment of Sans, the steam was in all the underground he had to create masks and jackets in all the undeground to the infected person not to infect and they die. He meets Ink one day who visits the AU after a long discussion they became friends..and Ink shows him the AUs, and that they had to protect them which influences Toxino!Sans who wants to help Ink!Sans if he needs help.



Toxino can be presented as a skeleton, he has green glittering eyes, no left eye, a black nose, a dark black mask, a light grey jacket with a white X engraved on the top of the sleeves, a dark grey hood, black and white t-shirts, a blue and purple belt, black shorts with red shoes that are a little bit burgundy and at the same time clear, with black velcro and white bottoms.


Toxino is very nice and very funny, he likes to help people in difficulty and defend/protect people or his friends, he is particularly sociable and loves to make jokes..he can appear angry and a little naive.


  • Magic Blue : Toxino like the basic Sans can use its blue magic to send the enemy into the wall or onto the ground.
  • Chemical bones : Toxino has bones that are the same effect of this steam that attacks the soul and at the same time the HPs and that has a poison effect of 5 seconds, this poison takes away the HPs of the enemy little by little.
  • Basic Bones : It can make bones appear like the classic ones by being a bit powerful.
  • Teleportation : Toxino can teleport in a place of the undeground or he wants..except when Toxino is tired..he can walk in the AUs thanks to Ink.
  • Gaster Blasters : These Gaster blasters that Toxino has are a little bigger than average,with a single lit eye that is light green with light blue shading,these blasters are a little rounder on top with cracks all over that are like basic bones,a little more powerful.
  • Chimical Blasters : Toxino can make blasters appear that are injected with steam that do much more damage, these blasters send out blasters that are the same effect as his steam.
  • Chemical vapour : By removing his mask he can release his steam which can control it and redirect it as he wishes.
  • Chemical Poison : Toxino has a poison that can be so powerful that its poison can kill the enemy in 10,5 or 3 minutes depending on the resistance of the person.
  • Battle box control : Toxino as the classic would do, can control the battle box at will.
  • Acid Vapour : After drinking acid, its vapor becomes acid when it clears then it can melt all but Toxino's jacket.


Toxino!Gaster (aka "Gaster")

Toxino is very close to his father, he likes working with him and they get along very well.

Toxino!Papyrus (aka "Papyrus")

Toxino loves his brother and like his father with him that is to say very close, he likes to see him happy and protects him at all costs and Toxino annoys his brother with his jokes.


Toxino doesn't know his mother and he has a lot of questions about it, his father never answered him on this subject.

Underground by ToxineTale

Toxino gets along with everyone in the underground and likes to talk with those who help him.

Toxino!Frisk (aka "Frisk")

With this Frisk likes to cook with him and tell him jokes...they get along quite well.


Toxino is close to Ink, he likes to help him and protect the AUs..and likes to see Ink's work and listen to him to learn more about the AUs.


Toxino has a friendship with Noah, they get along well..they get along like brothers.

Force!Sean (Aka "Sean")

Toxino knows Force! Sean, they get along pretty well...unfortunately he doesn't know that Sean destroys AUs.


Toxino doesn't like Nightmare and the destroyers at all, they destroy the anomalies and the AUs and Nightmare wants to conquer the multiverse which makes Toxino enraged.