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Lincoln Reeves, AKA Trickster, is one of the youngest protectors of the AUs, being only eight. He is also a complete human that knows just some magic. How did he become a protector? Well, you'll see!


There's actually not much backstory for him. One day, he just appeared in the universe, with the power to travel to different universes. He decided to use these powers for good, and learned how to use magic, in order to help protect these AUs. Guess he made a good choice, huh?



His usual outfit is a red shirt with white and orange sleeves, brown shorts, dark orange boots, and a backpack. When in Snowdin, he actually wears an orange hoodie, oversized jeans, and a red scarf that droops to the ground.

For bed, he wears a grey tanktop that goes down to his knees, knee high socks, and red slippers. On occasion he also wears a beanie to bed.


Link pretends to be shy when first meeting him, but is actually pretty hyper after you get to know him. He also acts rather full of himself at times. But he really isn't. I swear.

Another thing about Trickster is that he loves training. Even if his skin easily bruises, he still adores every second of battle. The Royal Guard Captains definitely have taken a liking to him because of this.


Classic Toriel

Oh my gosh, he absolutely loves Toriel! Since he doesn't have a mother of his own, he mostly spends his time with her, and actually stays with her at times. They hunt bugs, bake, and much more. Toriel actually taught Link most of his magic, which is why he can use attacks similar to her. Overall, they're pretty close.

FellSwap Papyrus

Thanks to this Papyrus, Link gained his love for hoodies, and actually got one of Papy's as a gift. He likes chilling with the skeleton. Even if he's only eight, he has smoked with him a few times. But only with him. Papyrus makes sure he doesn't smoke too many cigs though.

Ink Sans

Even if he's never met him, Link really looks up to Ink. He's hoping to meet him one day..once his schedule isn't filled!


When Trickster entered Littletale, the first monster he met was Papyrus. They bonded almost immediately. Now, they have weekly playdates, and sometimes roleplay with Storyshift!Asriel.

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"SCREW SOCIETY! SCREW THE LAW! SCREW..Um..I'm out of ideas."

"Okay, I promise, this is a fool-proof plan. It's gonna be different from my other ones!"

"Get ready, I'm gonna swear: Cra- OH MY GOSH I CAN'T DO IT-"

"Oh yeah, cigarettes are great..They just destroy your lungs!"

"And that's how you kill someone with a toothbrush!"

"What is this texting language? LOL..Does that stand for somethin' like, Loads a' Lakes...? Now that'd be weird."

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