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Trisha Dings is the only daughter of W.D. Gaster, and sister to Sans, Papyrus, and Draco Dings. She is much like Draco, but has a dark blue Soul, with bits of pink after staying in UnderLust for so long. She prefers the color blue, instead of the red Draco enjoys. Her brother di[glitch in file].



She looks like Draco, just with longer hair, and no hat. She also doesn't wear gloves, as she doesn't need to hide the fact that she made her clothing through Object Creation, one of her powers.


Do.......do I even have to explain? She was in UnderLust for a while, you know, sex incarnate? *sigh* Fine *clears throat* Here we go.

Trisha, much like Draco, has billions upon billions of personalities, but the one she uses the most, even more then her own personality, is Lust!Trisha. That's right, after spending a few years in not only UnderLust, but in the Lust Realm(Demon Realm for Lust Demons and such), she's got her heat(you know, like cats and dogs? It effects all monsters, but it's usually like a cycle) in high gear, 80% of the time. During the other 20%, she's fairly normal. She can hold an actual conversation for a while. Once her heat kicks in, she's got 2 minutes to say bye and get into UnderLust or the Lust Realm, before she loses control, and rapes just about everyone. She's nice when she's not in heat though, and she is working on that. She knows how to control her body, so she's trying to get it to where it's 50/50.

Powers and Abilities



  • When I say fuckbuddy, I mean fuckbuddy, when Trisha's in heat, and Draco is in the vicinity. Don't get all confuckled.


To anyone who wishes to use this OC, ask first. I don't appreciate anyone using my OCs without my consent, so please, ask me before you use this OC.