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Trojan!Sans is an OutCode character created by Mysware. The day he was born, he gained new powers and was taught by his brother until he thought of this; He will create a new future and universe for himself by using the codes in the universes. He is also looking for characters with code attributes like himself. He is currently having problems with his brother and collecting codes from the universes.


Years after the creation of Alphatale, shortly after the creation of De-bug realm, malware began to merge and form a single software, Trojan Sans. Trojan Sans was born as a combination of malware in De-Bug Realm as a normal entity, he was very pure and cute, he tried to understand what was happening, but he could not escape the code wherever he went, he was afraid until 6 hours passed. He started to deteriorate and groaned helplessly, but no one heard him, it seemed like this would end. But he refused, and his corruption was reversed, working against him, returning from the dead. As he gained new features and began to understand Multiverse better, he found the Code-based capabilities always cool. After discovering his ability to navigate universes, he tried to make Friends, but everyone frightened away from him, they attacked him, but he did nothing but just watched. He tried to understand why they were doing this. until the jewelry is close to death. When they tried to hang it, the Trojan had an explosion of power and everything around it was broken into codes and erased. He was afraid, everything around him was suddenly gone, he immediately studied himself and decided that it was dangerous for others. He was running away from AUs. Everywhere he went was in ruins and he could not fight against it.

but hours later he accidentally opened a portal and fell into it, where the portal opened was the de-bug realm. There was an alien green creature in front of him, and the stranger turned to him, the Trojan frightened and retreated, the alien began to advance to the Trojan, and the trojan began to get scared, and when they got to the bottom, the alien stood, the trojan turned to the alien and just stared. He held out his hand to the Foreign Trojan The Trojan waited for a while and shook his hand, raised the foreign Trojan to his feet the stranger was bigger than him, The Stranger smiled and said "hello" The Trojan didn't know what to say, and then "hello?" The stranger said, "What's your name?" " Trojan said "my name ... um ..." the stranger stood and laughed Trojan was embarrassed, The Stranger said, "Don't you have a name yet?" Trojan remained unanswered, The stranger smiled again and said, "My name is Anti-Code, I am responsible for the security of existing codes" the Trojan was unresponsive, a few conversations took place between them and they finally got pretty close, Anti-code said, "I forgot to ask, how did you get here? I've never seen one coming here before ''. The Trojan said "I don't know ..", Anti-code said "Well, do you have a family?" The Trojan said "No .. every place and every person I go to is slowly disappearing .." His tears were beginning to tear, the Anti-Code did not know what to say. The Anti-Code said, "take it easy man, so how were you born? So you must have formed somewhere, right? "Trojan calmed down and said," Well .. I was born here, this is a bit complicated ehe .. ", Anti-Code was stunned that he did not suffer in his life. The Anti-Code was contemplative and began to think that this person could be his own little brother. Anti-Code said ''How can this be? I was born here. That means .... '' They both fell silent, Anti-Code said, after a long silence, "Brother?" Trojan said in surprise, "Brother ?!" They both hugged each other in surprise and happiness. The Trojan said, "Well, that's a very strange feeling ... it's a new thing for me to hug someone so sincerely." Anti-Code said "Well ... I want you to tell me your whole story bro." They both stopped hugging, the Trojan sat on the ground and the Anti-Code prepared tea in both. When the Trojan told his full story, he asked Anti-Code to tell his story too. After a long hiatus, he drank Anti-Code tea, but the trojan's tea remained. Anti-Code said, "Don't you drink tea?" The Trojan said, "I'm still thinking." "Anti-Code said this" what? "Trojan stopped, things got quiet. The Trojan said "why are they running from us?" Anti-Code said that "... well because we are different from them," Trojan said, "but they looked like a very good person ... and I killed most of them unintentionally." Tears started to fill up, Anti-Code "well, of course we can make mistakes unintentionally" they both stopped, finished the Anti-Code tea and said "Well? Do you know about your powers? '' Trojan said '' My powers? '' Anti-Code said '' yeah, everybody has their own powers and you definitely have '' Trojan '' I don't know ... can I learn? The code said, "Of course, I'll help you. And did you choose a name for yourself? '' Trojan said this '' Yes, Trojan will be my name '' Anti-Code said '' Cool and beautiful '' they both got up and started teaching the Anti-Code trojan their powers, 1 month Trojan's training is complete without having While the days were normal, one day Trojan went to his brother and; `` Big brother, something wonderful came to me. , Trojan said "what's wrong?" "Anti-Code said that" ... this awful idea Trojan. "Trojan was disappointed and asked why. Anti-Code replied, "It would be selfish to use all the code for ourselves Trojan, we shouldn't do this." Trojan "... but this" Anti-Code "is the only way to be happy, sorry but we can't. '' Anti - While the code turned around, ready to go through a portal, Trojan suddenly said, "I'll do it myself if you're not going to help." Anti-Code stopped and said, "No, you won't." The crowd was tense. Trojan said, "I'll do it! At all costs! I will make a new future alone! '' Anti-Code was angry and said, ''I said no to you!'' Trojan was suddenly startled and his hand unwittingly exerted force, the Anti-Code's eye was smashed, and the Anti-Code's eye was wounded when the Trojan pulled his hand to stop it. Anti-Code collapsed but didn't react much. The Trojan got very scared but got up with anger and said, "Sorry, but I will do this .. I don't want this to spoil the sister relationship between us, brother .. so please .. don't try this .." When the Trojan entered one of the portals, the Anti-Code stood up and said "" As you said, Trojan ... but I'll block it. '' The Anti-Code teleported, the Trojan was already taking over the codes of the universe, which was its first target, and at that moment he thought, "There is no turning back now." And so his adventure began.



It looks just like anti-virus sans, but codes are flowing all over it and processes are performed. his right eye is G̵̺͛ŗ̵̎ȅ̶̥e̶̖͗n̷̡̂ and his left eye is red. wearing a green jacket with codes.


He may be arrogant but equally cheerful and friendly, the Trojan often chooses to flee in battles because it doesn't want to harm anyone. He loves people who can use hackers, malware, or coding skills, and wants to be friends because he's looking for people like him. When he gets angry or serious, no one can stop him and he becomes a complete destroyer, so he can unintentionally hurt or even kill those around him. He often gets serious in battles he cannot escape. A little depressed due to his past problems, Trojan tries to ignore them but fails, so he doesn't show anyone his depressive personality, not even his older brother.


  • Code Manipulation :with this control over the code Trojan can create things, develop things, destroy things, delete things, protect things, carry things, create completely new things and more. Because of the very high level of code knowledge, Trojan's referred to as a "Code God". But the trojan doesn't delete anything unless absolutely necessary.
  • Access Code Blaster: an extraordinary blaster unlike any other blaster, created by collecting the codes of all powerful sans, and it moves super fast. If the person he fired is less powerful than the Trojan, not code-based entity and not godlike, enemy will take heavy damage and disappear.
  • Coded Bones: The codes where it stuck will be installed on the bone, the Trojan can destroy it or install it himself. Their Damage and Defense is very high too.
  • AU Jumping: It has an entry to every AU in the multiverse. He can even go to Universes surrounding Undertale Multiverse if he wants to. Usually when the Multiverse goes to the Surrounding Universes, it releases Trojans to get there more easily.
  • Omni-Virus: like Virus404, Trojan can be any type of virus and produce any type of virus.
  • Code Mastery: A spell very similar to blue magic is an attack that the trojan uses as a blue magic(?). It allows to break or move the law of gravity of everything that is or does not exist. Its general purpose is to move codes quickly, but it can also be used as telekinesis, if someone enters the effect of breaking his law of gravity, the entity cannot escape if Trojan don't want it.
  • Administrator Access: Trojan Sans can enter the system of its own accord and do whatever it wants. But this feature will lose a few codes.
  • Hacking Intuition: It can quickly hack AUs, power walls on many computers, anti-virus programs. It doesn't harm computers unless it is mandatory, but it hacked a lot of AUs in stealing entries.
  • Nigh-Omniscience: Trojan knows almost everything because of the knowledge that he lived in Multiverse for many years and gathered through the codes.
  • Malware Manipulation: It can check non-freewill computer viruses, malicious computer viruses, Trojans, computer worms, malware, spyware, adware, ransomware and other things harmful to computer and AUs. If the enemy causes great damage to him, he will not hesitate to use this feature on him.
  • Trojan Horse: this ability makes the trojan be another entity; LV, HP, DF, AT, everything will be just like that entity, and possibly the codes of the entity will appear when looking at the codes. Since this is copied especially in personality and memories, the Trojan will completely take over that being. If HP drops to 0 the Trojan will return to hes own form and will be stunned for 1 minute.
  • Maddening Presence: The power of the Trojan is so unstable that it affects other creatures. The kind of divine, non-code-based entities that approach the Trojan begin to suffer and go mad, eventually turning into a virus. There is no turning back now.
  • Timeline Shatters: Trojan Sans sends Trojans to every AU or AT it goes, these Trojans eat and destroy the code there and install it, but this trojan will be the choice, if he wants to destroy it, he can easily leave it to go there or cause permanent damage.
  • Error Manipulation: He can manipulate Writing, beliefs, plans, actions, powers, attacks, errors in space time, etc. It can manipulate all kinds of errors, including Anything that could be wrong or considered a mistake or mistake can be manipulated. It can also determine or change the results of the errors it creates in AUs.
  • Backup Restoration: One skill he gets from Virus404. If the trojan dies, They will distribute their code to the multiverse and in a newly formed random universe, Trojans will gather and start generating Trojan. While the Trojan is being produced, the AU codes will begin to disappear and be defeated, eventually it will disappear and the Trojan will be reborn.
  • Degenerating Touch: He can choose to spread trojans on whatever it touches so it will feed and destroy and he can control the effect on the asset but it is not very good at it so it won't do much damage, valid for general use.
  • Virus Manipulation: He can create deadly viruses. The viruses to the AUs or to any other person are probably more powerful. It can also be dangerous by controlling different viruses and making them self-willed.
  • File Corruption: A talent received from Mother Virus; It can access all file resources and use it for itself, but the files it touches are weak against it, so it will crash immediately and restart.
  • Corruption Panels:With these panels, he can access all kinds of code and control and change stations, add code-based powers, hack or programing. He likes to use it.
  • Code De-Bugging: He can create Errors, Glitches, Files, Bugs, Hacks, Trojans, Viruses, Malwares and anything that has been corrupted. He enjoys using it so much that words cannot explain it.
  • [REDACTED]M.A.L.W.A.R.E(R-MALWARE/R-M) Form: This transformation occurs when the Trojan needs big help,in wars of no return or when facing a very strong opponent. In this form, the Trojan is still under his control, but acts as a destroyer for his enemy, not in his former personality, and will continue until the enemy is destroyed However, it must be due to the personality of the Trojan, again he does not choose to erase the enemy's code but R-M chooses to fight them. Trojan become most powerful malware in Outerverse and turns into a true malware god, not only is it the most powerful malware, it carries the true form of all viruses in it. leaves a trail of destruction wherever he steps and he releases viruses with no choice wherever it goes, it can also have a maximum movement speed of Microseconds (one millionth of a second) all its attacks are getting improved and some special attacks gain;
    • [REDACTED]Absolute Access: R-M provides absolute access entry to any location, place or time place that exist or not exist. It doesn't matter where or what the location is, he can always find a way inside.
    • [REDACTED]: It can be the temporary founder of the AU it is in, in particular; it can change the AU, change the place shapes, control RESET, SAVE, ERASE AND LOAD, break the laws of gravity, choose who can use AU Jump, Change the master codes, can see AU's future, control any NPC, and more.. usually uses this to destroy his enemy.
    • [REDACTED]Code Master: R-M can destroy, control, create, delete, destroye and more It can do any kind of code and data he can overload AUs and crash them. Also converts to any software it carries inside the R-M.
    • [REDACTED]De-Bug Help: The De-Bug Realm directs its energy to R-M during its existence, so they become a whole, which means that R-M can control the de-bug realm.



Anti-Code is his own brother and enemy. When the Anti-Code noticed it and trained the Trojan about his powers, when the Trojan set its purpose, the Anti-Code opposed it and started a small fight. Wounded by the unknown power of the Trojan, Anti-Code's eye got hurt, wounded. the Trojan has partially left everything behind and hopes to steal codes from the universes and finish his mission. Once these are done, the Trojan will try to get everything back to normal.


He wanted to get closer to him because he has code-based abilities, but the anti-virus knew and attacked him as an enemy, the anti-virus continued even though the Trojan did not respond, and the Trojan made it seem like it was being defeated so the anti-virus was happy and now follows the anti-virus without notice


their relationship is unknown, but they're good friends.


He likes him, they went on some tasks together and chatted together. He admires the power of Virus404 and wants to see more.

Fatal Virus Sans(Friends)

They are good friends with him, they mingle well with the same taste.

Mother Virus(Friends/Mom-Figure)

Mother treats her as a child and shows her affection and they are good friends. The Trojan visits him every day, bringing gifts and valuing her.

DarkEvilZero Sans(Friends/Instructor)

DarkEvilZero Sans and Trojan is good friends, they don't meet very often, but when they do meet, they have a friendly relationship. DarkEvilZero,Trojan taught many of his talents, so there is a student-teacher relationship between them. Trojan could inflict great damage on him and even came close to defeating DarkEvilZero, but he was never able to defeat it.


Ink stopped him from many attempts to get codes, and they met many times. that's why he's so mad at him

LVtale Sans(Friends)

he didn't like him very much at first but he liked LVtale Sans's code-gathering capabilities. Even if he doesn't like his purpose, although LVtale Sans doesn't have a lot of code capability but he likes to hang out with him.

Infinitey Code(Boss/)

invited him to his army in exchange for his power, and he is very happy to work inside Infinitey.

RadiantTale Sans(Friends/Fellow)

He met and became "friends" with Radiant on his journey, although he tries his best not show that he is no threat towards him. Trojan sometimes accompanying Radiant and helps him on his way but has difficulty finding the redian.

Error Sans(Frenemy)

He finds Error unattractive and doesn't like it as a garbage bag or even makes fun of it, however error enjoys smearing it.

Master Hacker!Sans(Friends)

He gets along well with the Trojan, as Master Hacker's personality resembles a player. Even though they argue once in a while, Trojan admires his hacker skills.


He met with him in an AU, admired him for his code-based skills. The player was never satisfied with Trojan, one day he caught the Trojan trying to steal the code and they had a big battle with it. The Player was defeated as the Trojan attacked Player with its strongest attacks, but with one last move, the Trojan took heavy damage and chose to escape. After that day, they became enemies with the player, trying to stay away from the player as much as possible.

Corrupted Core Sans(Friends)

they have a good relationship even if cc is a creator his coding abilities impressed trojan and they become quick friends.


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  • De-bug Realm; The whole of all the malware in the Outerverse(Containing everything about UT fandom) is the region where the Trojan has many of the code it collected and the AUs it copied. The codes are generated and they go around. lots of newly manufactured Glitchs, Errors, Viruses, Hacks, bugs, corrupted files, forgotten files, etc. They are all here. if any code baseless character stays here for 6 hours, his file will be corrupted and turn into a virus. It also has portals like a hose to go to each AUs, if the AU destroyed, the portal will destroy too.
  • Trojan Sans tries to avoid non-code-based characters as much as possible because he can unintentionally damage or even kill them with Maddening Presence. He witnessed this many times.
  • Trojan Sans reset the system when he is overloaded, this takes 1-2 minutes and the system restarts. In this case it is rather weak.
  • Trojan Sans has so much code that it cannot be erased or destroyed in a single move. Maybe it will take forever.
  • Trojan Sans likes to drink peach juice.
  • Trojan Sans Doesn't like to erase people's codes
  • Trojan Sans is a very rare entity to see, because most normal beings who see him cannot survive. therefore it is not well known among normal entities.
  • If Trojan Sans stuck in a very difficult situation, he can choose to delete people's code, even if he doesn't want to.
  • Trojan Sans has a power that it only appeared once and not even itself knew.
  • Trojan Sans usually spends his time in Realm, but gets out when he sees a code-based character in Multiverse.
  • Trojan Sans is very agile. Thus, he can disappear immediately or evade attacks.
  • Trojan Sans is not actually a sans, he just got a look like this so that others can understand him more easily.
  • Trojan Sans doesn't like errors like Error404.
  • Trojan Sans Master hacker for a lot of code stealing attempts. That's why they have Enhanced Computer Skills.
  • Trojan sans' favorite AU is Alphatale, so he's trying to stay out of there as much as possible or Alphatale will be destroyed. But still hates Error404.
  • Trojan Sans is social so he can easily make friends.
  • Trojan Sans likes to collect souls and takes them into the de-bug realm. There is a special compartment for them. The main purpose of collecting souls was to reset and recreate their codes, only 2 of them had success and are not satisfied with it but he's still collecting souls
  • Trojan Sans himself carries all codes, datas and malwares and always updating.
  • Trojan Sans hates being excluded.
  • Trojan Sans likes to watch AU's on realm.
  • Trojan Sans looking for Alpha Sans.
  • When Trojan Sans goes mad, he can pretend to be a real demon.
  • Trojan Sans Can't get along with Fatal_Error, Fatal_Error has attacked him many times, but the Trojan was always the winner, but Fatal_Error can do him damage.
  • Trojan Sans fears to Anti-God.
  • Trojan!Sans loves to eat chips.
  • Trojan Sans loves jokes.
  • De-Bug Realm is also based;List of AUs to occur, Generated codes and List of creators.
  • Trojan Sans moves planned but sometimes gets out of his mind.
  • Trojan Sans likes to drink chocolate milk.
  • Trojan Sans hates people who block he's mission.
  • Trojan Sans likes to watching codes.