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Tula is Muffet's daughter, and the heir to the spiders. She has a crush on Frisk, although Frisk doesn't like her back. The same applies to Kris in Deltarune.

She doesn't have a social life because Muffet scares her potential friends away and forbids her from interacting with those that don't donate to her cause. Because of this, she hates her mom.

She is encountered in Waterfall, at the umbrella place, where she offers to hold the umbrella for Frisk, while using her extra hand to hold theirs. At the cliff where Monster Kid helps Frisk up in Undertale, Tula instead summons a web and pulls her and Frisk up, leaving Monster Kid behind, as she finds them annoying.



Tula has black hair, sometimes in a ponytail, and wears a red dress, a pink poncho and a shirt with turtleneck.


Due to her lack of social life, Tula is lonely and really bad at socializing, and will fall head over heels for anyone showing her the barest resemblance of kindness. She likes crafts and spends a lot of time making little paper accesories for the spiders.



Muffet is her mother, and she hates her because she doesn't have any sort social life because of her.


Tula has a crush on Frisk, however, this is not mutual.