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Undercursed!Sans is an Out!code created by NarshiftZ. He's a San that refused to enter the scenes within the game, thus changing his identity and power. He's currently monitoring the universe within the White Void.


Sans That refuses to enter the scenes within the story game genocide has made sans into a place that sans unfamiliar, where the place is whitevoid because sans who do not want to enter the cut scenes. Thus causing the game bug to put sans in the whitevoid, making the sans base stacks up, every 99999 state makes the indelible sans from permanently exiting the whitevoid and giving sans new powers. And watch for stories that happen or contract with various sans who come to the various issues, but there is an exchange that every time you make a contract.

There must be at least 3 souls, the more souls the longer the contract lasts.



On the right eye of the page there is a black pattern.

He is wearing a black dress and blue inside. Black hood with blue pattern The outside is cut in blue. Inside the light blue suit with a gold tie and pin, white gloves, pants, and a blue trouser bag. Light blue socks, black shoes


Is someone who likes to watch various stories. When someone comes to him, he likes to pick up his stuff and throw it away. Smile with a chill face


  • Staff: Can be stretched as desired by Uc. Sans.
  • Blaster: Fires a fierce beam of light, making the enemy less lethal or dead because it's just cool.
  • bone: is Is like a blaster that is just cool
  • New Power: Watching Au. Different people talk to readers - see. Make a contract with Sans who came for various reasons.

Of course, the Stats are the real buck numbers 1, but the enemy attacks will not affect Uc. Sans, not immortal, but his condition of death is Au's destroyed.

The downside is that everything stat is 1 and can't get out of the whitevoid.


I know someone else or another universe, but only 2 characters know UNDERCURSED! Sans.


Core! Frisk invited UNDERCURSED! Sans to go to the omega timeline, which he wanted to go, but he couldn't get out, so he refused.


Ink! sans felt a complete difference with Au that had collapsed and turned into a whitevoid, so he decided to go in and see Uc! sans approached, and then started discussing the problem with him.



  • His death will only happen if his Au is destroyed, but will come back again.
  • To make a comeback, one or more times, it will have to pull the classic sans from the main universe. To discuss future events and make classic sans refuse to enter the game scenes, they will return and continue looping.
  • He can't get out of the whitevoid.
  • Actually, the whitevoid he lives in is Undercursed.