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Uncaring!Frisk or just "Uncarnig" is a OC created by TartCrimson. She is the Original Protagonist of Pendulum!Chara's destroyed AU. She was later replaced by another Vessel, and therefore she was put into an Unknown pile of code in The Trash Bin. She was then taken into the Omega Timeline by CORE!Frisk.


As stated before she was the original Protagonist of the AU Pendulum!Chara originated from upon the said mod being performed she was thrown into a pile of discarded code called the "Trash Bin" eventually she was going to become a piece of erased code as well until CORE!Frisk found and saved her taking her to the Omega timeline. Suddenly she disappeared from the place and was sund to a different AU resembling Classic Undertale. This sudden change also sparked a realization that they had been freed from the Players control. This realization started to turn into Hate for the Player a spark for revenge to somehow get back at them. She then went through the Timeline but instead did a Neutral Run killing Monsters on some occasions (For some reason pacifically targeting the Monster Jerry in the ruins) crossing the Barrier. They lived on the surface for a while before Error came along to destroy there universe with Ink saving them in the nick of time. She then became Friends with Ink and wanders the AU's with his help still with the goal in her back of her mind to destroy the player.


Uncaring is no different from the Classic Frisk appearance wise, though since she spent time on the surface she aged quite a bit she also tends to where a black jacket time from time.