Undyne Sigma

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Undyne Sigma is a Out!Code Undyne originating from a futuristic AU. She strives to protect the multiverse from danger, and to do so, she plans to set up a multiversal protection force, similair to the Justice League. While not having gathered the members and resources to do so yet, she often travels to threatened AUs by herself in order to help them out. While deep inside wishing she could save Genocide timelines, she is aware that trying to save them all would be futile due to their sheer amount.


She was born on an aquatic planet in Cosmitale, an AU where many kinds of monsters (who were alien species, rather) and humans were technologically very advanced, not unlike the worlds of Star Wars and Star Trek. She was a high ranking member of a galactic police and defense organisation, and one day went on a mission to try to stop a bizarre cosmic phenomenon that threathened to destroy the universe. She discovered the only way to end it involved crashing straight into it- It was a suicide mission. For the sake of everyone's hopes and dreams, she went through with it, accepting her heroic end, but as she awaited it, instead of being reduced to atoms, she got sucked through some sort of wormhole and ejected to a point outside her AU, into the Multiverse.



She wears a white nanosuit with purple accents, that can completely cover her body when needed. Instead of having an eyepatch, her eye is robotic.


She is less hot-headed and more analytic than classic Undyne, but still very determined. She has made it her personal duty to uphold order no matter the cost, and does not tolerate helping those she considers a threat to the multiverse.

Abilities and Gadgets

Her species can breathe both above and underwater, and are extremely skilled swimmers, ad thus she has inherited those abilities. On top of that, she has had excellent combat training and can summon spears like classic Undyne.

After being sucked into the phenomenon, this has allowed her to materialize and dematerialize herself in a maze-like dimension that connects every AU and Anti-void in the multiverse with each other, which is how she travels between them. However, she needs to find the exact access points before entering one for the first time, and has to memorize them afterwards.

Her suit protects her from extreme temperatures, granting her a near-immunity for fire and ice based attacks and hazards if it is active, but it renders her weak to electricity. Her left eye is robotic and can use infrared and night vision. She is armed with laser blasters in her suit's gloves and power-draining handcuffs.


The Showmaster

The Showmaster was her first opponent after being ejected into the multiverse, and ever since then they have sort of a Batman - Joker dynamic.


She hates this other version of herself and declared her a sworn enemy, as she finds Undire is a disgrace to all she stands for.


As she is a maintainer of order and Jevil a creator of chaos, they are rivals.

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