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Unknown! Frisk or how to like Superio frisk is errant code! Created by Bieuu09. He is a Frisk who suddenly appeared in a white void, not knowing his true purpose or creator. He then wandered through the submerged multiverse, in search of knowledge to discover its origin; driven by the curiosity to discover new things, but also to acquire human soul essences to increase your life.


A boy looking like Frisk wakes up in an empty white rectangular room where there was only a bed and a table. On the table was a container that held a blank human soul, a mask revealing a neutral expression and a note. On the note, it says "it was ------ -------- frisk, and that the soul in the pot was his, and that his white soul represents "nothing" and so he needs the energy of others souls to restore yours.” Not understanding what was happening, Frisk turned to the black door full of carts that led to the Multiversal Library, where he studies the multiverse for two years, before venturing into the multiverse.

He currently finds himself in an AU, and an unknown timeline, living in a huge glass castle in the clouds, planning something.



  • LV:0
  • HP:???
  • Atk:???
  • Def:???


  • Mask (armor): the Frisk mask is one of the few parts of appearance, which is not part of the body, giving 1 more defense to every frisk caused an enemy to infest or hit the mask region (the addition of defense only works for attack live enemies, not counting user attacks or robots, dead, etc.), in addition to auto regenerates every time it gets damaged
  • Movable Castle (at/home): the frisk castle has the ability to travel between aus and timelines.


Frisk has a crystalline white soul, which represents nothingness, which means that even if the soul is not destroyed, frisk will disappear from existence and all beings that do not have a separation or something similar forget about it.

because of this frisk needs other souls to exist, so frisk has a gigantic number of different souls, the only ones known:

  • yellow (justice) - gun
  • red (determination) - stick
  • purple (perseverance) - book
  • blue (integrity) - bale shoe
  • cyan (patience) - kitchen knife
  • orange (bravery) - box glove
  • green (kindness) - frying pan
  • light pink (fear) - sickle
  • dark lilac (creation) - hand gaster
  • black (hate) - black sword
  • golden (revenge) - dagar
  • silver (courage) - shield
  • Bronze (cowardice) - ak 47
  • gray (creativity) - pencil
  • brown(evil) - ax
  • salmon (wisdom) - kitchen gloves

colors can be added, removed or changed at will (suggestion and ideas on the themes of essences and powers are accepted on the author's social networks)


Unknown and of the male century, but he was already interested in becoming a girl, but he preferred to remain a boy. (he can't gender when he wants to, but he can metamorphose through surgery).

Currently Unknown Frisk is similar in size to a 17 to 18 year old, even though he can change his height and shape, his hair and the parts that appear on his skin are totally black.

As for clothes, on his face he has a neutral expression mask similar to Mask tale's frisk mask, but with the bigger holes, he also has the same type of clothes as the classic frisk and some variants, being more similar to neutral epictale frisk, but with minor design changes, having a white toothpick under a black coat, and tie and stripes having a color imperceptible to ordinary eyes, being imagined by the brain as a sort of moving gradient with various shades of pink and purple, but depending on being alive to being alive, it can be a totally different color, his pants being dark jeans, and the belt having two belt stations that connect the front and back centerpieces having the same pink gradient as the Striped coat, with white gloves, he also has a black overcoat with fur on the edges and details of the same gradient.


Even if the mask gives the impression of a cold and insensitive person (that he is!),frisk has a personality that is mostly cheerful and extroverted (not to the point of becoming silly, like Epic), enjoying conversation and making light jokes, even though they are horrible, strangers have an unknown level of psychopathy, being an extremely manipulative and hypocritical person, not being able to feel any kind of empathetic or romantic feelings for anyone, besides not being able to take anything he says seriously , as if he said that and against violence by women or blacks or that he hates genocidal routes, nothing prevents him from doing the opposite.

Unknown and aromatic, however, he is attracted to women or people with feminine traits.


self powers

  • Conditional immortality: the only way to kill frisk, is making him exhaust his soul essences, which will not kill him definitively, but will make him cease to exist, or destroying his soul and which is sealed in its own dimension.

powers of souls (modified)

  • unlimited human capabilities: the limit of strength; Speed; energy; reasoning; of frisk remain unknown.
  • Total Elementary Manipulation: gives frisk the ability to manipulate all the elements existing in the multiverse.
  • Materialization of objects (souls): Frisk can materialize the objects that the souls it possesses represent.
  • gravity manipulation: frisk can regulate gravity to your liking, such as creating gravitational points, to attract or reposition something, make someone or something heavier or light, generate natural phenomena, disable the center of gravity of something, such as a person or planet .
  • space-time manipulation: as the name implies, it allows frisk to control the space-time, create portals; create or destroy universes and timelines (ERASER or SAVE);walk, float or walk anywhere; teleportation; acceleration, decreasing, stopping, jumping, rewinding or advancing in time, without affecting frisk, and many others.
  • creation and destruction: frisk can create universes, timelines, beings, objects, powers and also destroy them.
  • game manipulation: frisk can manipulate opponents' stats by touching them, like messing or resetting them, like level, lv; in addition to controlling the players menu.
  • soul manipulation: frisk can manipulate souls such as erasing, restoring, controlling, etc..
  • body manipulation: frisk can manipulate your body at will
  • telepathy:frisk doesn't usually talk, so talks by telepathy.
  • memory manipulation: frisk can erase, create, read or invent memories
  • mega regeneration:frisk can regenerate from the smallest atom there is.
  • immunity: frisk has shown immunity against beings that control space-time, codes and souls, in addition to neutralizing attacks and powers of beings that are not more powerful than the Asriel dremmur (the god form of hyper-death).
  • UNKNOWN: Much of Frisk's powers remain unknown.


  • frisk can't think straight when he loses and takes off his mask, panicking quickly.


sans classic

frisk loves like classic sans jokes, which by the way is his favorite character in every fandom

star sanses

he finds the star sans good friends

fresh sans

fresh and one of his best friends, he finds him very fun and mysterious something that fascinates him

Murder time trio

e despises them, just like every psychopath sans mad assassin with no heat(Not author's opinion, so something for more non-character anger)

core frisk

find them a nice person


friends hacks bro

blood chara

his "partner" currently, chara was an object created by frisk while trying to sleep, dreaming of a strange AU, no cosquiring to erase, frisk creates his own AU based on his dream, and ends up taking chara as his protagonist and partner/weapon folks.

abomination sans

after facing each other on their first date, due to disagreements, when they saw that they wouldn't want to kill each other, they started talking, becoming friends, with abominition becoming their most trustworthy when-coast.


their past with frisk is still unknown, but they are very good friends


  • Frisk has already made two genocidal routes, one because he was bored and the other because he was angry.
  • frisk currently has enough essences, to last 31,992 years.
  • frisk loves jokes, especially the classic ones.
  • frisk is creating an AU
  • frisk hates sans murderous verses, finding them cliche, edgy and unoriginal.
  • frisk knows someone he calls "buddy".
  • Frisk can only be killed if its soul is destroyed, but it is housed in a dimension that only he can access.
  • frisk loves mythology, legends and myths.
  • frisk is not otaku, but he likes jojo a lot.
  • frisk has a great and terrible past, but he has no interest in it.
  • frisk has already flirted and spent the night with almost all the charas,femele sans and homosexual humans and monsters in the multiverse that is staying.
  • frisk currently has a "relationship" with his blood chara creation.
  • this is the new version of frisk.
  • frisk was inspired by neutral epic frisk, epic gaster, prism, seraphim sans, mask frisk; some characters from jojo; hellsing; lovecraft.