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Greeting fellow Undertale OC fans. If you are reading this, then that must mean you wanna know more about me. I am Ninadroid, but you can call me Lord Ninadroid.

About Me 

I used to be a mindless mechanical assassin. Until the obsolete droid, Zane vanquished our plans in conquering the city of Ninjago. So instead of planning my revenge, I decided to watch the internet so I can get so things get some things off my mind. 

likes: Robots, Ninjas, Neon lighting, Really cool rapping songs, positivity, Anything family friendly, Destroying cities, Video games, Alternate universes, Spoon boning, Super Heroes, Non-cringy memes, Highly detailed fanart, Unused content, Upcoming content, and Double cheese pizza. 

Dislikes: Curse words, Potty words, Bad words, Immature words, censored words, Adult words, Anything not family friendly, Bad fanart, Immature video games, Default dance, Fighting with my parents, Youtube videos without subtitles, Wasting my day and life, REALLY loud jumpscares, sarcasm, Touching my arm, TOUCHING DA CHILD, Exams, Bullying a person,Waking up late, Waiting and of course ZANE

My OC Opinions

My Most Favorite OCs

My Least Favorite OCs

  • None at the moment...but soon.

My Own OCs

With pages:



The Xander and the outcodes series

Without pages:


  • Daren: The son of Undyne and Alphys.
  • Unnamed Royal Advisor: A trusted advisor of the Dreemurr's.
  • Unnamed Steampunk Pilot: A steam elemental monster that that travels in a large airship around the Underground.
  • Kino: A skeleton teenager who goes to the same school as Fire Fuku and Skateboard Girl. He is an old friend of Burgerpants.
  • Ectoplasmus Magoria: The head of the Ghost family and grandfather of Mettaton, Napstablook and the dummies.
  • Faceless Blaster: A failed Lab experiment based on an unused Gaster Blaster NPC from Undertale.
  • Flowerpot Asriel: A fusion between Asriel and Flowey.
  • Whimsquire: A Whimsun that is training to be a Royal Guard.
  • Ace Kaard: A Kaard darkener more powerful and wiser than Rouxxls.
  • Spade Starwalker Bird: The Spade king's mode of transport.
  • Frown the Freaky Clown: The red joker and partner of The black joker Jevil.
  • Beakerheads: The assistants of Dr ology.
  • Popicle Stick Dragon: A darkner beast that is made of popsicle sticks.
  • Paper Doll Maiden: The keeper of the Popicle stick dragon.
New Canine Unit
  • Dog Goblin
  • Sir Woofington
  • Muttler Jr
  • Poodles the Brave
  • Doug Barker
  • Dogaroo and Dogabella
Spearhook Swashbucklers
  • Yara Spearhook
  • Bucktooth Billy
  • Cari the Otaku Swashbuckler
  • Charismatic Swashbuckler Dude
  • Swabbie Swashbuckler
  • Gunpowder Cannon Swashbuckler
  • Undyne's Dad
  • Captain Spearhook's Son


The anomaly series
  • Daymon
  • Desse Nightingale
  • Negatis
  • Nefarious!Papyrus
  • Nexus!Sans
  • The Announcer
The Xander and the outcodes series
  • Xander
  • Leprechaun!Chara
  • Goo!Gaster
  • Black Mail!Spamton
  • Chrono!Alphys
  • Fanon Hivemind
  • Puppeteer!Chara

My Discord servers 



  • Not many people know this but, my greatest enemies are the amazon box monster, Sakamoto, Gleem and Arsene.
  • If I was to obtain the infinity gauntlet, then I would erase 50% of all lewd content (including dirty Undertale fanart and Ricardo Milos memes) from the internet.
  • I'm friends with Error!sans.
  • I hate that alpha deletes my pages without my permission.
  • I really love robots.
  • I consider Paul as my BFB in the OC wiki.
  • I'm a fan of LumpyTouch