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How to Make a Good OC (Troll):

These are crucial steps...

  1. Think of a concept beforehand: this will serve as your brain's rough draft
  2. Come up with a good name: GOOD name, not your name...or...some other common name a parent would name their child...like "Ashley," or "Dylan," or "Jack." Go for somethin' like..."Raven."
  3. Get them designs: Start coming up with some designs. If you're not good at it, then ask someone to help or get a reference for something cool that can inspire you. DON'T COPY AND REMAKE ANOTHER DESIGN
    • Ex. I got a picture of Tracer from Overwatch. So I use her suit, redo her hair, give her green eyes, and make her black. <-- Not creative at all.
  4. Come up with their backgrounds: This is where you use that rough draft.
    • Don't make your character super duper overpowered. They get bad rep.
    • No Mary Sues nor Gary Sues (aka the PERFECT CHARACTER)
    • Give your character some limits and weaknesses. Gotta be realistic even in the fantasy world.
    • Give your character a reasonable enemy. Hint: They don't have to be living.
    • It's okay for your character to be the neutral guy who doesn't do anything every once in a while. They don't always have to be the hero or the bad guy.
    • Give them a power. Hint: Doesn't have to be supernatural ;)
    • Not all characters are liked by everyone. Give them a social status according to their story. Sure, they can be liked by everyone and not have a living nemesis.
  5. Put them in a story: Characters want some purpose too!
    1. Don't know what type of story you want to put them in? Consider the following small tips:
      • Stories don't always have a happy ending like a fairy or folk tale. They can have a neutral ending, or a bad ending.
      • It's good to surprise the reader every now and then.
        1. Try this: Character flaws.
      • Sometimes, the best stories are portrayals of life experiences. They can have a universal topic (such as a teen girl going through depression), but everyone handles personal matters differently (why they're depressed; how they handle their depression; how their depression changes them).
  6. Revise if needed: Revisions are OK dude.
    1. If the character doesn't suit a certain plot, you don't have to change your entire story. Try adding a little tweaks to some of the other characters or your main one. Add or subtract some detail from your story if needed.