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Greetings, I'm Zeno, a newbie as well as the author of Xénotale.
You can find me active on the Undertale AU Wiki often. You can also find me often on the Discord.

Me on the AU Wiki

Who am I

  • Actually, I'm just someone who commented on the Omni Jason page after the massive improvement did by Alphasaith.
  • I'm the author of Xénotale.
  • I'm an admin on the French AU Wiki (Yeah, it exists).
  • I'm an admin on the Undertale AU Wiki too (The English one).
  • I'm a French guy who came on the wikis from nowhere.

Likes and dislikes


  • Well made pages.
  • Undertale and its AUs (Not all the AUs).
  • Writing (Seriously).


  • Shitty pages.
  • OP characters that don't have a story or a personality.
  • Vandals.

My OCs

Favorites/Most hated


This part lacks OCs, what a shame.

Most hated

Opinion on people

  • Alphasaith: Do I even need to explain why?
  • Paul Grote Beverborg: Extremely cool dude. Though we have different opinions sometimes, I have an extremely good experience while talking to him. I also enjoy what they do. (This part about people is a proof.)
  • TheNeutralCard: You know why. (I'm too lazy to explain.)

  • SHADIKAL15: SHAD is cool.
  • Karifox404: Cannot be explained.

  • DARTHOOM: Read the thing just above to understand. Plus, there were disrespect from them.

  • DocMelonhead: I'll think about it. I'm pretty sure I'll put them on cool though.
  • Lerua: Very good CMod. (I didn't link because of the lack of edits from her.)
  • Max041: I didn't have much experience with them, but I want to put them somewhere. Seems cool.
  • Tatsu: It's a joke.
  • You: Unless you're already on this list, I don't know where to put you. If you're in the ones I don't know where to put, then it doesn't change anything.

  • Wikis

    Wikis I've contribued for

    Wikis I like to visit


    • The first AU I discovered was Altertale, Undertoad being the second.
      • I discovered Undertoad 20 minutes after Altertale.
    • All my AUs are apart of my big project.
    • I hate Monster Kid -and shitpost-.
    • Some people ask me to help them with their Discords and AUs.
    • The first character I have ever created is Dark Luigi (July, 2013). Before discovering that, I thought that was H (May, 2014), but I was wrong, because they're not even in the first ten.
    • I discovered Undertale with creepypastas in 2016. But I was interested only in 2017 and I discovered the AUs in 2018.
      • Note that I created by first AU in 2017.
    • When I watched the first season of Epictale I liked the AU. After that the memes became the center of the AU and I hate it now.
    • I like chocolate (like Zeno).
    • My flies have strange names (like Rickma, S.T or Rhosaith).
    • I hate money.