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Aurora (or VOID!Chara) is a wandering Out!Code created by Someone said this. She is a VOIDHuman, and one of the only ones that can travel timelines. She comes from the UNDERVOID AU.


Chara is a VOIDHuman; humans whose souls are injected with VOID, similar to VOIDMonsters.


  • Void Knife: when Aurora broke out of the OVERVOID Lab she took a sample of VOID. while running through the museum trying to get home, she tripped and spilled the VOID all over the REALKNIFE. it then became the VOIDKNIFE and became part of her SOUL. She can summon it at any point.


  • Timeline Wandering: Can hop between AUs and Timelines.
  • Protective Void: can teleport to a protective void and stay in it for 1 minute-70 hours.



  • Their AU have a comic, which can be found here.
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