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Vermillion Borealis (or simply Vermillion, or Ver) is a 14 years old human-skeleton hybrid girl, that was born to a pair of unnamed parents. She has been wandering the Multiverse for quite a long time now.

She's currently orphan.


Vermillion was born as a love-child between a skeleton and a human (both around the age of 26). She was well cared about, until one day, something happened.

While she was being fed, a bunch of terrorists attacked their place. Her mother and father were shot down to death. Her unnamed sister took her and ran away as fast she could, having been running for quite a while. Unfortunately, one of the terrorist assaulted and stabbed her. She kicked him and took Ver in her arms, and ran away.

After a while, she finally arrived to a certain place to heal her and Ver's wounds.

Both sisters grew together, even if they had their problems. Eventually, Ver's sister vanished after falling through a portal, leaving Ver at the age of 8, alone, for reasons unkown. For a long while, she took care of herself, until a mysterious person found her and decided to raise her. While she was skeptical and untrustful at first, the person showed to care for her as much as her parents, so she eventually trusted them. After finding about her tragedy, they decided to train her so that she could defend herself properly. They taught her how to use her electric and bone magic, as well as how to use swords.

When she turned 12, the person taught them about the existence of other universes, and gave her the ability to travel through these. Since then, she bid farewell and went onto a multiversal journey in order to reunite with her sister, meeting numerous people on the way.



Vermillion is nice and kind, yet she's very shy, and doesn't like to meet people that are too much older than her, since she thinks they're scary. However, she becomes more confident and brave during battle.

She likes chocolate and cheese, and is a fan of swords. 

As well, she doesn't like guns very much, and she hates extreme violence, obsessive people, and has disgust towards vegetables and spaghetti for some reason. She tends to freeze when seeing things that remind her of her trauma, like fires.


  • Superhuman Speed and Agility: She can run real fast, as well as dodge with inhumane agility.
  • Bone Magic: She can summon and use bones, similarly to Sans. She can also shape them in multiple forms.
  • Interdimensional Travel: She can travel from AU to AU.
  • Electricity Manipulation: She can use and manipulate electricity in combat, whether to protect, power-up herself, or to attack her enemies.
  • Thunderstorm: Her special attack. She summons a thunderstorm which envolves the entire battle area, to which after she starts levitating and is surrounded by an electrical whirlwind, which is near-impenetrable. After that, she starts summoning smaller ones and using those on the enemy. If they survive, she casts a final attack using a storm cloud to strike the enemy thrice.
  • Sword Skills: She's very skilled in swordfight.



She feels more confident around them, due to their child-like appearence.

Mysterious person

She has grown a bond with them, considering them as her mentor and second parent-esque figure.

Her sister

She has a strong sibling bond with her, being her first parent-esque figure, and her main reason to travel around the Multiverse.