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VesselSwap!Kris is an Deltarune Out!code created by Doc Melonhead and first appeared on April 27, 2019.  Due to a failed hack on a copy of Deltarune (which is now goes by VesselSwap), they're displaced across space and time. With the possession of the shattered half of the player soul, they can travel across the Deltarune/Undertale Multiverse. The unshattered portion of said soul is in possession of the Vessel that replaced them.



V.K.was originally a Kris from an AU of Deltarune (now known as VesselSwap). However one day, they found themselves in a world similar to their own; but with a Human named Arch in their place. To make Matters worst, the new Human is the only one who can see them in that world.

Later that night, they found themselves physically in front of a door in a black void when Arch fell asleep. There, they found out that they can go to any place of Arch’s choosing through any door they enter. Looking for answers, they reluctantly join Arch within their dreams as they explore the multiverse at night, while they try to struggle with the mundane during the day.


However, the answer to what happened pretty much a result of a failed attempt by the Outside force to create a Deltarune Hack featuring their created Vessel (which later became Arch). Though the replacement was a success, the result have locked the AU out of their control, and the half of the "Player's Soul" was scattered across the multiverse.

Thanks to the glitch, the player Soul (which was partly scattered across the multiverse) was partially embedded onto Kris, not only allow them to synch with Arch, but also to be physically present in any AUs of Arch’s choosing.



Both their clothes and body are completely greyscale. They wear gauntlets, sabatons, greaves, and a stripped scarf of their Dark World attire, on top of their standard striped sweater, khakis, and loafers of the Light world. Their sweaters have a top zipper in which they use to access the hole in their chest where their soul used to be.

They always bear their teeth as if they're unable to completely close their lips. They also lack visible eyes, which contributes to their uncanny appearance.


While they retain their mischief of their time as a normal human, they often masked the bitterness toward their condition with their own optimistic grin and witty snark. They have a great respect toward the freedom of creating their own destiny and moving on with their lives, consequences and all. And even though they admire the ability of the Save/Load/Reset (SLR), they are aware of the dangers and consequences of such feats; as in their view that would rob the timelines of their potential futures.

They are, however, very protective about the Asriels, Toriels, and Asgores, of the multiverse, since they wanted them to have a happy life; though they have to accept their fates from time to time. 


  • Soul Link: Thank to the fact that they share the same soul as the Dream Knight, they're able to to sense and see them throughout the Multiverse; with Arch being able to see them in their native AU.
  • Door hopping: By simply going through any doors, they can go through any place in the Multiverse (thought the destination was dictated by Arch). Every so often, they hop through closets just to startle people as a prank; giving them the moniker "Closet Human".
  • Respawn: When killed or destroyed, they’ll simply respawn at the last door they exit from. If said door were to be absent, then they only respawn at the last AU they visited.
  • Soul warp: Similar to CORE!Frisk’s hollow eyes, they can transport any fit-able objects to themselves at another space and time through the hole in their chest.
  • Dark Welder: Can turn Light World items into their Dark World counterpart (like a pencil will become a sword on their command).


Arch Dreemurr

When they returned to their "Native" AU, they discovered that they're replaced by another human, who's also the only one who can see them. There some divide between the two as they try to get some answer from the teen, but they became fast friend when they discovered that they're one of the few to ever see the Dream Knight. Now they hang out with the new human, both in the Native AU of Vessel Swap, and the Dream Multiverse.


Meet them during their travels. They treat them as a child as first, but they soon grew to respect the child as they know the multiverse better than they do. Due to this, they often called them "the Elder Kid".



  • V.K. originally designed to transport items through their mouth.
  • V.K. can't fully close their lips, thus their teeth were always shown.
  • Though V.K. can return to their native world of VesselSwap, they're unable to fully manifest there; Only Arch can see them, thanks to the shared soul.
  • The character was created as a Deltarune counter to CORE!Frisk.