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Vile is an Out!code Sans created by ActualBruhMoment. He is a skeletal monster who came the AU, Madness!Tale. His goal is to rule the Undertale Multiverse.



Vile is a very violent character in Madness!Tale. Although, while being violent, he likes to have fair fights, rather than murdering someone instantly or using his powers and abilities to his advantage. He also dislikes pacifist timelines and the people in them. He hates when people doubt he's strong due to the scars on his chest and skull. He also hates when he gets help from other people, mainly, his father, Sin.


He has many weapons he could use to kill his opponents. Chaos Bones. These bones resemble Sans' regular bone attacks except, these are dark red and more sharper. They do 10 dmg per bone. He hates having to use these bones than just using regular hand-to-hand combat or melee. Which, is why he uses his next attack more.

  • Spinal Cord: He has a random Papyrus spine on him all the time and uses it for melee purposes. The Papyrus is unidentifiable and isn't Vile!Sanses brother. The spine does 80 damage if it were to connect with someone but, on random occasions, will do 180 damage, if he swings hard enough. The Papyrus is still alive and still feels pain, everytime he hits someone.
  • Dread Blaster: Dread Blasters look similar to Gaster blasters except, they're grey, have sharper teeth and shoot red beams. Their eyes are just an endless void of red. Viles!Sans also hates using this attack and only uses it when in danger. For example, fighting with Error 404. The beam does 200 damage but, it's teeth do 350 damage.
  • Reality Bending: This is another power that Vile possesses. The ability to bend reality. Example, spawning a whale out of mid air, making a volcano erupt, etc. He can't effect anybodies stats, physical body, or soul. While he uses this ability in battle, he also uses it out of battle. For example, refilling his orange juice, fixing a broken tv, etc.
  • Hellscream: This ability is used for defense. He will let out a screech, which releases power that can knock an opponent back. The impact from the scream is similar to car crashing into another. Although, the scream will not do any damage to the opponent.



He dislikes his father for caring and helping him when he's battling a strong opponent.

Unit B-1

He and Unit-B1 have a hateful relationship but, will help eachother if one is in danger.

Error 404 Sans

He likes to battle with Error 404 because, he considers him as a good fighter and usually battles him when bored.


He rivals against Nightmare only because he believes only one person can spread fear and negativity around the multiverse.