""let's burn in hell together!" ~ What!Sans"
– What!Sans speaking to his foe.

This OC and AU was made by MrZephyr128.



What!Sans is your typical looking Sans, except about the part where everything else is different. He has red glowing eyes, which can only turn white if he gets emotional. (Which you will never see) From his eyes, a gray-like substance pours from out of his sockets. He wears your typical jacket with only new colors with the Chara theme going on, with the green hoodie with a yellow strip going horizontally all over his hoodie. He wears brown pants, following with brown slippers. And with a bigger smile.


What!Sans is cunning and unpredictable, yet he still has emotions from the original Sans and Chara's. If you were talking about Papyrus he would easily start to become weaker, or it would make him stronger (But most likely make him stronger.)


One day when Chara was on a genocide run, they figured it out that maybe one way to beat Sans was to become a Sans, so during one of the fights Chara ran up to Sans and tackled him, during this, they reset the game. Instead of becoming a Sans they were Sans (The current timeline). With all this power Chara was now controlling his thoughts and actions, leading them to kill the entire under, including, Papyrus. Now they seek to destroy every single AU until there is nothing but dust.


  • Teleportation
  • Can turn into WHAT!Sans which is their TRUE form
  • If they get "lazy", they can slash their knife and can destroy the AU in one swing.
  • MonsterBlasters (Does WAY more damage)
  • Bones (Does WAY more damage)
  • Not letting people that have Determination able to reset, or save their game.
  • Glitching; dodging attacks without teleporting, controlling other OCs' attacks (Bones, Gasterblasters)

Since they "glitch", they can also travel to AUs, and different AU timelines.


Talking about Papyrus makes him easier to hit, but it can also increase his attack.


  • They hate puns
  • They are pretty powerful and be classified as a multiverse threat.
  • They actually like some AUs and they don't want them destroyed
  • Very cunning and ruthless
  • Gets bored from time to time.
  • Their greatest enemy is Tahw!Sans
  • They only use their knife, they rarely use any of their other attacks.
  • They can't spare.


(You can add your own art but, please no negativity, thanks!)

Original sprite by: MrZephyr128


Made by: Lucariotheskeleton (RIP buddy.)


Current sprite by: MrZephyr128


Minecraft skin by: Unknown

What! Sans-0

What!Sans Made by: Thuong Le Nguyen Hoai

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