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I have a question for you. Why are you still fighting me? Isn't your goal to survive?XVirus

XVirus is an Out!code created by Epic!Nightmare Sans. He's a being that destroys everything in his path and brings codes to his own boss in order to take revenge after the terrible things he experienced in the past. Now he is a creature in control of almost everything.


A computer made in ████ was bought by a person named Michael. Michael started looking for applications to try this new computer first. Michael was really keen on painting while examining these computers, so he decided to look into applications. While searching for these applications, an application caught his attention and started to download it by liking it. While downloading the app he thought to look at the comments and most of the comments are 1 star and they say this app is cursed and they complain about it but Michael thought it was a scam and kept downloading. The application had downloaded and he quickly pressed the application, thought of a character and started drawing. The character's name was Jason. ( XVirus's name given in the past) and Michael is not very good at art so he drew it as an 8 bit character. Although he was not very good at painting, he drew beautifully. The character he drew in this painting app moved in an interesting way, but this person didn't notice it and was still drawing the picture. XVirus liked this drawing very much and stopped moving a little for him to draw more easily. But while he was drawing, he had mistakenly selected the bucket instead of the pen from the options. He had it colored black and poured it into character. In fact, only one part of it should have been black, but for some reason, the entire body of the character became black because of this practice.

XVirus was very scared and surprised when paint spilled on him. The person who drew it got angry and took the eraser from the options section. XVirus noticed this and moved away from him before he could delete it. The person was very surprised by this and decided not to do it when he was going to delete it. Person went into text mode and approached XVirus and said to him, "Are you... alive?" Even though XVirus looked at what he wrote, he couldn't say anything because he had lost his mouth because of the black bucket. When the person realized that he didn't say anything, he got angry and went into eraser mode and approached him. XVirus got rid of him at the last moment and managed to climb up and retrieve the pen. He drew something with a pen, and XVirus exited while the person was wasting time deleting them. Realizing this, the person stopped erasing his drawings and started attacking XVirus with the mouse. XVirus took the applications from the ground, even though it was difficult, and threw them into the mouse.

XVirus accidentally opened an app while throwing those apps at it. This application was able to create things with code, and it caught XVirus's attention. While the person was wondering how to fix these applications, XVirus made a pen from that coding application and wrote random codes on it. While this was ridiculous, it actually made a lot of sense. These codes made a terrible mistake while powering XVirus. He accidentally added a glitch and wasn't aware of it.

He merged this pen with himself, permanently set it so that no one could take it, and merged it into himself. He felt much stronger than before. The glitching happens to him sometimes, he didn't know what it was, but it hurt. And when this intermediate person was finished, he returned to XVirus. XVirus noticed it and got scared and opened an internet application as it landed. When he was about to get out of there, the mouse came and grabbed XVirus and right clicked. After right-clicking, several options appeared and went to delete from them. When XVirus realized what it was going to do, it was like cloning these options by clicking copy and paste with the mouse. When there were two options, he held one of them and pasted it on the mouse and deleted the mouse by pressing the delete button. The person was really surprised by this. When XVirus was about to leave, he went to the coding place again and made sure he could talk from there. XVirus typed something randomly in the search bar. He left by saying "We will meet soon" before leaving here. He was in a very different place after he left here.




XVirus transforms into a dangerous soldier by donning the strange armored suit made by the Phantom. It is fully water-resistant and impossible to destroy armor with its ability to fire, fly, and laser-flare, but if its armor breaks, the XVirus cannot use it until it is repaired, and if the armor shatters while its armor is fitted, it deals massive damage to XVirus. XVirus can use and close this form at any time. If the armor is turned off after taking damage, it can repair itself after a few moments. Although this form seems deadly, XVirus cannot activate the buttons it calls between this form. The armor's appearance is gray in and has shatterproof glass on the face. While XVirus activates the armor, his speed and jump height increase tremendously.

God of Black and White

Once XVirus and Anti!XVirus are created in the same app, they can merge with each other. This bonding period is between 1 day and 1 week and is really powerful. While the abilities of this transformation are not yet known, it is a form with hundreds of abilities, but after the transformation is finished, there is a 15% chance that one of them will be deleted forever. They have never tried to get into this form and even if they are not even aware of it, the time will come. His personality is not exactly known, but he is said to be neutral, as one is a destructive and evil creature and the other a protective and good creature.


XVirus appearance

XVirus used to have a beautiful appearance, but now it has changed a lot. He now has a black appearance and has gray eyebrows. In fact, when he was short and got rid of the image, he became even taller than normal. XVirus can sometimes glitch and never control it. XVirus looks like a human with these.

Virux appearance

ViruX is a gray armor with a large V on the front and a metal case on the back. If XVirus wants to get out of this form, a red button appears in the middle of the abdomen, and apart from these, there is an unbreakable glass on the face of ViruX and there are 2 constantly moving red dots on this unbreakable glass.

God of Black and White appearance

God of Black and White body is half black and half white. Black represents XVirus and White represents Anti!XVirus. He doesn't have a face just like his normal form and is still the same height. He will no longer be able to show what reaction he has given, as his eyebrows have disappeared. He is more glitching than before.


XVirus is aggressive, ruthless, and unrepentant. While he usually makes fun of his enemies in battles, he usually allows his opponent to attack him. No matter how strong his opponent is, he seems like he will never give up, and most of them are trying to destroy the universe. He usually hangs in his own realm and likes to watch other universes on his realm. Apart from these, he is a cool talker and can sometimes go crazy. When he fighting low-powered opponents, he usually doesn't care about battle, but when his weak points are detected by opponent, he does not hesitate to make powerful attacks. When he is free he usually plays videogames, destroying the AU and looking for an opponent who can challenge him. XVirus is also generally very comfortable in battle but otherwise not easily fooled.


  • Immortality: XVirus can be killed forever only if the original drawing is deleted, but this is not possible.
  • File Manipulation: XVirus can create, shape, bend and manipulate any file.
  • Edit: This is his strongest ability. It's a ability that allows him to edit almost anything. It can change a person's ability, weakness, likes and hates, appearance, and relationships. No matter how dangerous this power was, he could not use it to strengthen himself or add power to himself. This ability was very powerful, but there was a problem. Authors who do not have permission to edit the a character's wiki (Protect on) would not be affected by this button (Like Infected) and therefore would easily defeat XVirus.
  • Infinite Stamina: XVirus never tires of being created by a pen. So he can run, miss and attack as much as he wants.
  • XVirus Knifes: There are a total of 2 different knifes in XVirus. Although he likes to use them, his favorite ability is EDIT button. These knifes are...
    • Black Knifes: These knives are really strong. Only one of these knifes was enough to destroy a solid wall, and they are almost never indestructible. There is an easy way to destroy them and its is water. When water is spilled on the knifes, the knifes stop moving and disappear.
    • White Knifes: These knives are much stronger than black knives and can erase almost anything it touches as long as it is not stronger than XVirus. While these knifes are powerful, XVirus has some difficulty creating them.
  • Self-Sustenance: XVirus can also live without ever needing water, food, sleep or the like.
  • Appearance Sharer: XVirus can take the appearance of the character that he killed and also trick his opponents with it.
  • Oxygen Independence: XVirus can also live without the need for oxygen.


  • Kouvaphobia: Fear of XVirus. He is afraid of any bucket because he turned into this because of the bucket with black paint.
  • Water: XVirus is weak against water as it was briefly created inside the computer.
  • Anti!XVirus: XVirus hates him so much. This person is the first and ONLY person to get XVirus' pen. No matter how hard XVirus tries to delete it, it will never be able to delete it and destroy it. Anti!XVirus is the one who fixes all the terrible things XVirus does.


Phantom ( His boss )

Phantom is the boss of XVirus. Even though XVirus doesn't like it, unfortunately it has to do its job and bring it the code. XVirus tried to delete it but failed. So how did they meet?

XVirus spotted a dark creature while navigating an Au. This creature looked just like XVirus, but with eyes and smoke billowing around it. XVirus didn't want to mess with it so he tried to delete it but failed. The Phantom suddenly appeared behind him, knocking XVirus to the ground. XVirus tried to use its capabilities, but something was blocking it. The Phantom decided to make a deal with him instead of killing him because he knew that XVirus was really powerful. Kept XVirus and told him to make a deal. XVirus initially denied it, but Phantom forced it. XVirus said no, so XVirus changed his mind when the Phantom said it would give him powers. They now work together.

Anti!XVirus ( Enemy )

It is known as one of the weaknesses of XVirus. XVirus really hates it and tried to delete it constantly but failed. Anti!XVirus fixed all the terrible things XVirus had done and made it even more solid, which was making XVirus angry. Actually, both are equally powerful but they say Anti!XVirus is even more powerful. XVirus is a destroyer, while Anti!XVirus is a protector.

D.A.B.A.W. / Glitch Squad ( Enemies )

This squad is made by people who look like XVirus in short. Even though XVirus is a member of this squad, their aim is to destroy XVirus and Anti!XVirus. In short, because XVirus is more powerful than most, they are trying to recruit new creatures. XVirus can leave this squad if he want. XVirus is trying not to destroy them because it cannot use its crucial form without one of them.

Trivia / Funfact

  • XVirus' phobia is kouvaphobia ( kouvaphobia is the fear of buckets. )
  • There are no organs at XVirus.
  • XVirus is a Out!Code character.
  • XVirus is a destroyer.
  • The pen is what gives XVirus its computing powers. If it is destroyed, XVirus will not be able to use its computer capabilities until it is revived. To destroy the pen it is necessary to take it from him, and the only one who can take it is Anti!XVirus.
  • XVirus' boss is called Phantom.
  • XVirus is a Neutral Evil character.
  • XVirus is powerful as Anti!XVirus.
  • The least used ability by XVirus is green knifes.
  • XVirus has the same birthday as Epic!Nightmare Sans!
  • XVirus is a villain.
  • XVirus is 17 year old.
  • XVirus don't have any friend.
  • XVirus hates to use Green Knifes.
  • Other name for XVirus is Corrupted Virus.
  • XVirus don't have a soul.
  • His gender is unknown but many says he is a male.
  • XVirus is black and faceless.
  • XVirus is weak against water.
  • He is a villain.
  • XVirus does not wear any clothes.
  • XVirus likes to be alone sometimes.
  • XVirus is an NSTale character.
  • XVirus is resistant to pain, but water inflicts terrible pain and aches on him. This can also cause him to crash with a small chance.
  • XVirus can't blush.
  • XVirus lets his opponent attack if his opponent is weak, and XVirus sometimes laughs at their weak attacks.
  • XVirus used to have a normal appearance, but after a black bucket was spilled on him, he lost his old appearance and changed permanently to this appearance.



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