"the road we walk is paved in soul' "the trees we glance at hanging men"

"the soil beneath is war at witch souls will always fly above"

"and the dirt that scrambles the pavement is grief"



Xylpha keeps to herself so people only know a couple things, she is tall especially for a woman (8ft) and is only provoked by true madmen. However once she knows your a threat she will easily defeat you, having powers strong enough to destroy armies of people before bieng killed. She was found next to piles of dead monsters exhausted and enraged and is now heavily relied on by the humans as a soldier. She has a tricky weapon a knife that expands on both sides into a nimble sword, bieng a knife when neutral and expanding into a sword when angry.


She is very serious and concealed, liking to write dark poems about war

She is a great communicator and writer, writing beautiful poems

She is very nervous about the way she looks

She loves grass, secretly eating it at every chance she gets

She is working on a novel of her poems


She wears a long pink dress in her neutral form and a pink one piece that resembles a gymnastics outfit in her battle form. She has beautiful hair done up in a small ponytail in both forms. The knife is kept in a small sheath, taken out by hands wearing white gloves. She wears tennis shoes and has secretly sharp teeth.

Soul color: Pink|| Trait Perseverance


Samuel: Friend

X: Dislike

Retro: Friend

She is the sister of Hanagreatinith